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Why Chiropractic Care For Your Animals?

Dr. Phaedra
Over the years I have had several people ask me how their animal can benefit from Chiropractic care.  The answer is that there are numerous health benefits that come from Chiropractic adjustments.  When joints in the spinal column are not moving as they should due to improper position of a vertebra, pain, inflammation, decreased range of motion, muscle spasm, altered gait and improper organ function can occur.  A Chiropractic adjustment can restore that normal motion to the vertebra which will alleviate the pain, swelling and discomfort while restoring balance to the body.  Chiropractic works with the bony framework of the spine by restoring motion to the vertebrae which in turn supports the proper function of the spinal column.  Spinal nerves exit at every level of the spine and travel to specific organs.  If a vertebra is malpositioned improper organ function can occur. My job as a Chiropractor is not to cure or treat conditions but rather to restore normal motion to the bony framework of the spine thus returning balance to the body and allowing the body to heal itself just as it is designed to do.
Some indications for Chiropractic care for your animal:
~injuries from falls or trauma
~neck, back or tail pain
~chronic health issues that do not clear as expected
~trouble using the stairs
~muscle spasms
~bowel and bladder issues
~maintenance of joint and spinal health before degenerative changes, i.e. arthritis
~elderly pet
~sport performance pet
****Please note that Animal Chiropractic DOES NOT replace traditional Veterinary care.  Animal Chiropractic is to be used and integrated with concurrent Veterinary care.
Dr. Phaedra Iafano
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