Private Dog Training

Tonya’s one-on-one training sessions are ideal for puppies and new dogs, but professional training can be just as effective for older or newly adopted pets, that have developed less than ideal habits. Her animal care experience, knowledge, simple tips and tricks to more advanced techniques, will help you and your four legged kid develop and build a stronger and healthier relationship!

Communication – Unless you have years and years of experience working with dogs,  you really have no idea of what they are saying when they bark.  The first step in any training program is to learn about the body language of your dog and how to act/react to what they are saying non-verbally.

Train the TrainerYou’ve undoubtedly heard that it is not the dog, it is the trainer.  Dogs instinctively look for a “pack leader”, and Tonya will show you how to train or re-train your fur friend so they understand the your pack environment.

Sustainability – While some people think it is cute when their dog begs for food or jumps up on visitors the first few times, However, it can quickly become an unwanted behavior. Tonya will teach you the tools to stop unwanted behavior and how to keep it from happening again.

Growth – We love our animals dearly and want them to be a member of our families for as long as possible.  Tonya will help you gain the confidence as a pack leader and trainer, from there you can train your furry friends to do almost anything!

Some of our typical training sessions can include the following:

  • Basic Commands – the first steps in training include sit, stay, down, come, on, and off.
  • Leash Etiquette – how to keep your dog from pulling or doing other unwanted behaviors while on a walk
  • Eye Contact – when you need it and why
  • Crate Training – essential for all dogs, trained in a positive manner so your dog will enjoy having their own personal space or time out.
  • Housebreaking – show your dog the “right” places to go
  • Intermediate Commands – include leave it, focus, gentle, and hand targeting (silent commands)
  • Advanced Commands – the more “fun” things you can teach your pet such as  “High Fives”, army crawling, combined commands for routines, ringing a bell when needing to potty, the sky is the limit!
  • Separation Anxiety – how to keep your belongings intact and distraction techniques for your puppy to minimize their stress while you are away
  • Negative or Unwanted Behavior – jumping, digging, barking, or other non-aggressive behaviors
  • Interaction with Others – whether it is another human or animal, learn how to take command of the situation to avoid potential issues
  • Aggression/Fearful Behavior – how to address these concerns in an effective manner before they become major problems
  • Playtime – innovative ways to keep your dog happy, healthy, and motivated

Typical training sessions are 60 minutes, and can be purchased individually or as part of a training program designed specially for our clients. During your initial meeting with Tonya, she will customize a training plan to address the needs of your canine companion.

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