We have a reputation for going above and beyond our clients’ expectations and are thrilled to extend to you the same pampering service. Our service varies from pet owner to pet owner. Each pet has different needs based on a variety of factors including length of stay, special needs of pet, and service requested, therefore, our service is never one size fits all. We take great pride in the personalized services and attention we provide each pet (and their owner) and are certain you will love what we do, and how we do it. Please take a moment to give us a call so together we may discuss and put together the perfect solution for you and your furry friend. Because services do vary greatly… it depends on the client’s specific needs… they may want some add-on options… we may be able to discount as well! We will also meet or beat any reasonable competitors pricing.  Prices listed below are just a general guideline and will customized to meet you and your pets care needs.  We are committed to care excellence via ongoing education and providing OUTSTANDING care and service.   PAWSitively Pampering Pet Care is a fully insured corporation registered in the state of Michigan. Pet owners should never trust their home and animals with a pet sitter that does not work for a registered business insured to be in your home – don’t leave yourself liable

During visits of 30 minutes or greater we will feed and water pets, walk dogs, offer playtime,  scoop litter pans, and give medications (simple administration) for no additional fee.

Meet & Greet Appointments will be required to pay a non-refundable $20 fee to protect against cancelled appointments.  Please note, this $20 fee will automatically be applied to your first pet sitting fee, so there is NO COST for clients that do not cancel.
NOTE:  A $40.00 cancellation fee applies if sitter does the consultation and services are booked, but then subsequently cancelled.

Emergency Appointments or Emergency Meet & Greet

What if I have an emergency?

A. PAWSitively Pampering Pet Care understands that emergency situations occur and we will do everything possible to meet your needs. It may be necessary for us to charge an additional fee in short-notice situations, however, they will be handled on an individual basis dependent on availability.

Required Meet and Greet:

Prior to your initial service we will schedule a complimentary meet and greet.  This visit takes about 30 minutes and will allow us time to get to know one other. If during this visit you decide to schedule pet sitting or dog walking services, we can complete any unfinished paperwork and review what services you are interested in reserving for your pet.   Please have a house key handy and information regarding any home security system.

 Potty Calls –  Private Dog Walking

PURFECT for working pet parents
Dependent on weather conditions.
Winter hours- 9AM –  4:00PM           Summer hours 7AM – 7PM
  • Up to 15 a minute visit – doggie potty break $15
  • 30 minute visit-  $20
  • 45 minute visit – $27
  • 1 hour visit – $34
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES, Please call for a quote.
  • We require a weekly commitment of at least 3 visits per week to be added to our weekly schedule rotation.
  • After each walk/visit we will leave a note or a text letting you know how things went.
  • We also provide towels for dirty or wet paws.
  • Our knowledgeable staff will help reinforce commands and positive reinforcement during all sessions.
  • Walks and potty calls before or after normal business hours may be subject to additional fees.

These fees are a guideline to regular business hours and cover services within 10 miles of our care representatives residence. We are happy to provide an estimate for services after our normal business hours and service locations greater than 10 miles from your assigned care representative.  Our goal is to provide a care representative that lives in your area and is assigned to your pets, so a bond can be formed and your pets are familiar and happy with their care giver when you need to be away.

Cat and Kitten Care

  • Up to 15 a minute visit – Feed, water, and clean litter box  $14.
  • Up to a 30 minute visit, includes play/cuddle time, medications  $18
  • Up to a 45 minute visit, includes play/cuddle time, medications, any special needs $25
  • Up to 1 hour visit, includes play/cuddle time, medications, any special needs $34
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES – Please call for a quote

 In Client’s Home, Overnight Pet Sitting   

Standard hours:  7PM – 7AM

Our care givers are back ground checked, reference checked, insured and bonded, so your home and pets are protected.  Our care givers are not locked into to specific hours like other overnight pet sitting companies, we customize our sitting hours to meet you and your pets needs. We’ll spend the night in your home so your pets can maintain their routine in the comfort and safety of their own environment! Includes, when applicable, morning and evening private walks, feeding, litter box and/or cage cleaning, mail and newspaper retrieval, plant watering, light rotation, opening/closing blinds, set out curb side trash, and home security checks.

Overnight starting at:  $45 per night (discounts may apply for vacations and extended times away)

$35 – Cats Only

Dog(s) & Cat(s) mixed household $35 – $60 depending upon the mix, care needed and number of pets.

*Special discounts may apply to breeders, rescue’s, shelter &  non-profit, foster parents, and seniors.  WE ARE RESCUE FRIENDLY!

“Almost” Overnight Sitting Dog Care – $75  

*Minimum 4 visits required within a 24 hour period. 

  • Morning potty call and breakfast:  between 7am – 9AM,
  • Lunch potty call between Noon and 1:00 PM
  • Dinner Potty and Feeding call between 5pm – 7pm
  • Bedtime potty call between 10PM and 11PM
  •  Includes all of the overnight services – just without the actual overnight.

Private Puppy/Dog Training  

Tonya Choryan, ABCDT, and Owner of PAWSitively Pampering Pet Care & Training, teaches basic manners for the newest member of your family. (come, sit, stay, walking on a leash, jumping and potty training)

Initial consultation:  $25 in your home.

Typical training sessions are 60 minutes, and can be purchased individually or as part of a training program designed specially for our clients. During your initial meeting with Tonya, she will customize a training plan to address the needs of your canine companion.

Please see our Private Dog Training Page for more information or to request a consultation.

NOTE: behavior modification or aggression issues may incur additional fees and equipment charges.

Poop Scoop Yard Clean Up  

No more poopie piles, doggie mines, hound mounds or watching your step.

Let us keep your front or back yard clean and sanitary. Basic service includes waste clean up for up to two dogs.  Let us do the dirty job for you.  Somebody needs to clean the pet waste from your yard, but it doesn’t have to be you.  We can come to your place every week and professionally remove and dispose of whatever your dog(s) leaves behind.  Keep your yard looking good and odor free.  Prices starting as low as $10 per week. We are a home based company, so we can provide PAWSITIVELY personal service. If you have any special requests, we will try to work them out with you.  We normally come weekly to each place. We also do spring cleanups and other big cleanups (if you are getting ready for a party, etc.). We can do pickups only as well for a lower charge.   We are the professional pooper scoopers that care about making your yard POOP FREE!  We offer pooper scooper service starting as low as $10 per week and absolutely guarantee your satisfaction or your next scooping is FREE. For your convenience, we will bill directly to your credit card on a per visit basis or we can send you a monthly invoice (established clients only) . We know that you will love having a poop free yard so much that you will find it hard to imagine life before PAWSitively Poop FREE. Big or small, we do it all.  We would love to do it for you so that you can enjoy more time with your family and pets.  So what are you waiting for call TODAY! 616-437-3733

Spring, One-time or initial cleaning

  • $50 for small yard with up to two pets, + $8 per additional pet
  • $60 for medium yard with up to two pets, $8 per additional pet
  • $75 for large yard with up to two pets, $8 per additional pet
  • $95 for x-large yard with up to two pets, $8 per additional pet

Weekly Yard Waste Clean-up

Daily yard waste cleanup $8 weekly. (This service is available for our weekly clients only).

  • $15 for small yard with up to two pets, + $8 per additional pet
  • $20 for medium yard with up to two pets, $8 per additional pet
  • $35 for large yard with up to two pets, $8 per additional pet
  • $65 for x-large yard with up to two pets, $8 per additional pet

Cat Litter Box Dump and Clean $15 per box as a stand alone service, scooping services, $5.00 per box when booked with other services.

Hotel Pet Sitting  

Let us watch your loved one for the day or evening in your pet-friendly hotel, bed and breakfast, or resort while you go out on the town. Great for visitors and tourists!  We can even recommend a “pet friendly” hotel.

Please call for pricing.

Key Lockout, Pickup or Return Service

 Locked out of your house, loose your house key?  We have your key and can save you a bundle over calling a locksmith.  Charges also apply for pick up or drop off of client’s key by pet sitter, other than during the initial in-home consultation or completion of assignment for client.

Emergency Lock out services:

$25 per incident up to 8 miles, then any additional miles at $1 per mile during normal business hours. 8AM – 5PM

$45 per incident up to 8 miles, then any additional miles at $1 per mile during non business hours.

$55 per incident up to 8 miles, then any additional miles at $1 per mile during Holidays or inclement weather conditions.

As a courtesy, we understand that sometimes you have established friends or family that care for your pets while you are away for more than an overnight.  If we have to deliver lock out services/key delivery  to sitters/caregivers not contracted as PAWSitively care representatives, our fee is $50 and your sitter is REQUIRED to return the delivered key back to the care representative that delivered it,  the next day, no later than 9AM.  If we have to pick up the key, even on an established weekly care run an additional $10 fee will be applied.

Pick-up and Return Key/Remote Entry Services:

$15 each service

With multiple clients and growing it is not always practical to pickup and drop-off keys after every assignment.  We will do our best to work with you.  Thank-you for your patience and understanding.

Pet Bath  

Includes an attentive wash/shampoo, drying, and brushing of your dog. *Client to provide shampoo, brush, towels and blow dryer if applicable.

Pricing is dependent on breed/size of pet, and whether we bath in your home or ours, please call for a quote

Pet Taxi

We can get your ball of fur, feathers, scales, flippers and fins to and from your vet, groomer, trainer, boarding facility, airport or other location.  We travel all hours of the day for you.

Generally: $25 for the first 10 miles.  $1.00 per additional mile, Please call for pricing as it varies depending on the time of day services are needed, wait time and the distance we have to travel.

Pill Administration, Injection/Subcutaneous Shots/Fluids

 A trained specialist will administer your specified medication to your pet (subject to availability).

Please call us for pricing as each situation is different.  *Discounts may apply when combined with other booked services

Holiday Services Additional Charges  

There is an additional $10 charge, if services are booked on the following holidays:

  • Easter,
  • Memorial Day,
  • 4th of July,
  • Labor Day,
  • Thanksgiving Day,
  • Christmas Eve Day,
  • Christmas,
  • New Year’s Eve Day,
  • New Year’s Day.
  • *Other dates may qualify for additional holiday charges.
  • Per day for boarding and per visit for pet visits and dog walks.  Be sure to book early as we fill up fast!

Small Animals, Exotics, Farm Animals, Handicapped Pets, Pets with Special Needs, Medically Recovering Animals.

Please call for pricing and details as prices may vary depending on the number and type of fur, feathers, scales, fins, hair or special needs.